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We have 2 printers from HP, one a LaserJet 4L and the other a DeskJet 855C (color inkjet). Each very old but still work like Champs.

We have one scanner, a Canon 640 and a very early model HP photosmart digital Camera (most of the pics were taken with it). Also a Canon (I think) Webcam.

A Zip drive and a ditto drive. We have a CD burner on one computer and a DVD on another.

EVERY computer is networked, either at 100 or 10 mbps. A Linksys Router/Gateway shares a Verizon DSL connection with everyone.

We have one KVM switch, that is currently being used to swtich the monitor between my P150 and K6-2 350.

In terms of Monitors we have many. A 13inch VGA currently on the P120, two Viewsonic A7x 17inch monitors (one is a PerfectFlat, the other is normal), two 15inches one from Packard Bell the other from HP and we also have a Dell monitor.

Not quite exactly related, but I have a nice JVC S-VHS editing VTR and a Panasonic Monitor (TV) for editing (and watching ER). Most computers have decent-good computer speakers, still hoping to get a DVD player and a nice 5.1 surround sound system somewhere.