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Our Family Computer Craze

Our family is, in short, psychotic about computers! We have 8 PCs (running mostly Windows) networked and such. As the days go on, I will update this site with more and more pictures and information about various computers.

We all share a DSL connection via a Linksys Router/Gateway and every computer that is used has an Ethernet connection and web access.

NOTE: This site is fairly graphics intensive, procced with caution beyond this page.


Image of Network Cables, These are going to the third floor, and then come down and go to other rooms.

Short history of our families computers, from my earliest memories.

We started with an Apple II-E - Currently, this isn't working properly as I recall.

Then up to a Macintosh LC2, or something like that. Not quite sure about the specs, we addded an External CD and Hard Drive later on.

Now I can start giving stats on the computers, as I was old enough to remember.

My father got a Acer PowerNote 730c, running Win 3.11, With a proc between 25 and 75 Mhz and maybe 4 or 8 Megs of RAM. 120 megabyte Hard Drive, with this we also purchased the HP Laserjet 4L which still serves us today.

Next came an HP Presario 7055 with a P120 and 16 megs of RAM (upgraded to 32 a year or few later). I believe it had a gig or two of Storage on this bad boy, it served us for many faithfull years. (NOTE: Every computer since this has had some type of Linksys ethernet NIC).

I got my first computer in 1997, a refurbished Compaq Presario 4122. This puppy had a P150, 16 megs of RAM (I upgraded to 32), a 2.4 gig HD, 33.6 Modem, and Windows 95. I have recently modded this system heavily.

This is when my brother purchased his first computer, a Fujitsu laptop (C-series). With a 250 mhz PII chip, 32 megs of RAM and 3.5 GB of disk space. He held top ranking for just a bit then. I seem to recall this ran Win 98 (First edition).

Next I got the el-crapo machine I have struggled with since I bought the thing. This is a refurbished Compaq Presario 5204. First they sent me a completly broken one I had to return (luckily it was still under warranty). They sent me a barily functional model next. This had an 350 mhz AMD K6-2 CPU with 32 megs of RAM and a 4 gig hard Drive. It ran 98, and I've installed various other things on it since then. I've upgraded many components, including up to 192 megs of RAM (since cut back to 164). It is still so unstable, but things have improved significatnly since I installed the IE6 beta.

Next comes another HP Pavillion, a (model number) with a 600 mhz Celeron with 64 megs of ram (upped to 128), a 20 gig hard drive and a CD burner (YAY!).

This next computer is the pride and joy of our network, a home built (by myself alone) editing beast. This computer is exclusvely used for Editing, Photo manipulation and web design. I have lots of stats on it, but here's the short version: ASUS CUSL2 motherboard (815e chipset), Intel PIII 800 mhz CPU, 256 megs of RAM, 4 gig Sys drive, 2 40 gig and a 20 gig video storage drive (that total is 100 gigs if you're counting). It has a Canopus DV Raptor for DV editing. It runs windows 2000 with a Matrox G450 Dual head (two monitors) video card.

Next computer is a Laptop for my sister, another Fujitsu C Series. This one with a 450 mhz K6-2 CPU and 64 megs of RAM. 6 gig Hard Drive, I believe.

My Brother sold his laptop to my father, and used the money for a sweet deal on a Dell PC. 700 mhz celeron, 64 megs ram, DVD drive (currently the only DVD device), and a 17 inch monitor. We all enjoy the DVD player, and he enjoys 2nd fastest status.

That brings you up to speed.